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The Two Types of Curling Wands

Curled hair with a curling iron or curling wand.There are two are two basic types of Curling Wands. Spring-type irons utilize a spring to close the clamp on the barrel, though it must be opened manually by the user. These are the most popular and least expensive irons.

Marcel types have no spring, and are opened and closed by the person’s hand pressure. Some irons have clamps to attach the hair to the barrel. Those without clamps allow the user to manually wrap each hair strand around the barrel to ensure even heating, which in turn will produce curls without creases.

Curling wands are available in a number of name brands, including Remington, Corioliss and Herstyler. At the top end of the scale is the Hot Tools Professional, the type chosen by many salon professionals. Less expensive irons can be purchased for less than $10, although some may cost more than $100.

No matter what type is selected, curling wands should be employed cautiously, and users should always first prepare their hair with a setting lotion or heat-protection solution for curling wand users. For those whose hair is permed or color-treated, styling with thermal tools should be avoided.