Curling Wands For Beginners — Purchase and Usage Tips

Dark haired curled tightly with the best of curling wands.

One of the most widely used beauty aids is a curling wand. Also known as a curling iron, this appliance uses heat to curl a person’s hair. The modern Curling Wand is a development of the early Marcel curling tongs, which were used to create hair waves on Hollywood screen beauties. Modern irons are far more efficient, safer and easier to use. Many different types in varying price ranges are available today, which raises the question, which is best for me?

To curl your hair you’ll want a very high in quality curling wand. Curling wands give some of the best results in hair curls, as they do not create any unwanted frizz. Just make sure to find a wand that is within your budget and that will not be harmful to your hair. A curling wand can produce many different styling effects, and the one to choose will depend not only upon the person’s style but also one’s hair type. Irons can create curls that are tight or loose, or hair that spirals down. It is the heat from the iron that sets the curl.

The barrel-part of the iron is what the hair wraps around, and the section that heats. The size of the barrel will vary on different types of Curling Wands, although the diameter is normally between one-half inch and two inches. In deciding the size of the barrel one has to consider the length of the hair being styled. So to assure proper contact with the heating element, longer hair will require a larger barrel. Even on shorter hair, a larger barrel will be needed to produce larger curls, or to create more lift or bounce.

Beautifully curled hairAnother important feature of a Curling Wand is its heating capability. Check this page for the capabilities of the best on the market for curling wands on this Pinterest page. Less expensive wands will normally only have “low” and “high” settings, which can limit the styling desires of the user. More expensive irons have greater temperature control, which will usually range from about 120 to more than 400 degrees. Heat control is accomplished with a knob on the side of the iron.

The texture of one’s hair should also be a factor in choosing the type of Curling Wand. Coarse or exceptionally tight hair can be extremely difficult to curl, and will thus require higher temperature settings. A wand that can achieve a maximum temperature of only 200 degrees will in these cases not be sufficient. For this reason, it might be wise to choose an iron with a wider heat range, giving the user an opportunity to try different settings.

You can check out this Cortex website, its a great brand and it has some of the best curling wands on the market right now.

Digital setting features can make possible customized hair styling to suit different types of hair. Some wands have spirals on their barrels to give the person’s hair extra lift. There are also multi-purpose wands that can both curl and straighten the hair, but such capability might not be necessary if one’s hair is, respectively, naturally curly or naturally straight.


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